Caribbean immigrant


Tabitha Liburd

Tabitha Liburd is an attorney and conflict management strategist, born in Guyana and now living in Michigan. The CEO of Marshall Duke Consulting, and a Christian, Tabitha was directed by God to change professions from law to conflict resolution.  She began studying law in Guyana, moved to Barbados and then Trinidad to complete her bar. She emphasizes how …

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Marie McKenzie Write up

Marie McKenzie

Marie McKenzie, a Jamaican-born Amazon bestseller, nurse educator, and sexual assault nurse migrated to the U.S in 1989. Marie worked in the clerical field and got interested in the healthcare field due to the influence of her aunt who was a registered nurse back in Jamaica. Marie has a background in emergency nursing and has …

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Ida Blake Holistic Health Coach

Meet Ida Blake

Ida Blake is a Holistic Health Coach living in the U.K.  Born in Montserrat, she is very passionate about helping women find joy in their lives and discover their purpose. Having moved to the U.K at the early age of 17 to further her education, Ida recalls that her childhood was plagued by so much uncertainty …

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From Monseratt

Ida Blake moved from  Monseratt to the UK at the tender age of 17. Listen to how she discovered that she was now in a new system where race and class mattered  but how when she renewed her relationship with God she was able to change her mindset.

A Pionerr's Journey

A Pioneer’s Journey

The Year 2021 has shown Pioneer Paula the joys of believing what is possible.  In 2012 she started with the early use of QR codes, commercial text messages, use of short codes and exploring podcasts.  Her belief is what is possible is spearing her on to other aspirations.  She is on an amazing journey  to celebrate sisterhood to …

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