Tabitha Liburd


Tabitha Liburd is an attorney and conflict management strategist, born in Guyana and now living in Michigan. The CEO of Marshall Duke Consulting, and a Christian, Tabitha was directed by God to change professions from law to conflict resolution.  She began studying law in Guyana, moved to Barbados and then Trinidad to complete her bar. She emphasizes how living in different places brought about deep, meaningful friendships.

Tabitha immigrated to the U.S. to be with her husband who was living in the U.S. 

In this episode, Tabitha explains the loneliness that comes with adapting to living in the U.S. especially after immigrating in her 40s; however, she expresses her gratitude for friends she has made over the years, her family, and in-laws, including virtual friends. And so, she has decided to stop mourning the loss of certain friends. She further recounts how being pastored by Dr. Myles Monroe while in the Bahamas helped her in gaining a fresh perspective on God’s ability to meet all her needs regardless of her location in the world.

Tabitha talks about how transitioning from law to conflict management has been the best decision she made. She emphasizes how conflict management helps people be more involved in the decisions that concern them and helps bridge the gap between clients, their lawyer (s), and the judge. Thus, as a conflict resolution strategist, Tabitha trains corporate entrepreneurial and spiritual leaders to effectively manage conflict in their interactions, processes, and structures so they can close the gap between problems and solutions and foster harmony in the workplace.

Tabitha shares how her faith has helped her walk in confidence and in the purposes of God while living in a foreign country. She further encourages intending immigrants with the following words:

Only you can do what God wants you to do in the United States, and there’re people waiting for you to do that. So come and take up space. Don’t move to the United States and shrink. Come here and take up the space that God has created for you and inhabit it.


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