Marietta Carter-Narcisse

Marietta Carter-Narcisse Her Story

Marietta Carter-Narcisse shares her journey toward self-discovery and purpose in her life. From a pre-med student to a global beautypreneur, a 30-plus year veteran celebrity makeup artist, and a department head makeup artist for film and television, Marietta travels back in time to show how she found purpose in her passion for fashion design, hair, and makeup. 

As a global educator, she has educated several people on the business of film and television makeup. Marietta’s story began upon her immigration to the U.S. with her family from Barbados in 1971. Upon their arrival, Marietta recalls how her sewing journey started when she began making clothes for herself. At the time, though her father objected to getting clothes from the store, he had no objections to getting fabrics to sew with. 

Coming from a family line of seamstresses, Marietta found sewing a creative outlet for her, and it was a blessing to share this passion with her younger brother, who also enjoyed sewing. At the time, Marietta had no idea that she was an entrepreneur and a business owner, especially since her career path – of medicine- had been predetermined by her parents. However, while on scholarship as a pre-med student, she meets a lady who speaks highly of her clothes and mentions her desire for her daughters to learn sewing. 

Marietta’s story is one that inspires hope and courage, especially for those choosing a career that they are  passionate about. She reflects on how her discovery of her passion for beauty made her enroll in a beauty school without her parents’ knowledge, and how a book by Richard Balls changed everything for her! As she continues to pursue her dreams, she shares how various people have been instrumental in her career and how she transitioned from regular hair and makeup to film and television makeup. 

Marietta’s career took off when she met Natalie Cole who chose Marietta to be her personal makeup artist at a  time when black actors and actresses were not allowed to choose their own personal makeup artists. 

Marietta’s story speaks of courage and unshaken resilience in the pursuit of her passion. She shares some fun facts about herself as being the first Black makeup artist in The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS).

Marietta can be reached on various social media platforms; on Instagram , on Facebook , on LinkedIn, and on her Website.

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