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Dr. LaToya Luces-Sampson , a physician, and entrepreneur from Trinidad and Tobago is the CEO and founder of Buy Default, a curated directory of Black professionals and Black businesses that cater to and serve the Black community. She earned her bachelors and medical degrees from Howard University, completed a six-year BSMD program, and trained at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia. Dr. LaToya is also a proud owner of another business, Amina OBGYN Consultants, which is an independent contracting company where she offers her OBGYN services. Dr. LaToya states that she had always wanted to be an OBGYN for the longest time, and upon her move to the U.S. at 18, she pursued her medical career.

Dr. LaToya explains how her first business, Buy Default, is targeted toward black professionals and black communities. This business launched in 2021, thrived during the pandemic & provides a directory of professional services to black communities especially black physicians in the U.S. 

Her main drive for launching Buy Default stemmed from an experience she had at the age of 10, during her first visit to the U.S. She narrates how she had searched for a hair shampoo at a store and was confused by the description on the bottle that read “normal hair.”  The picture of “normal” hair shown on that bottle  was different  from her hair and from what she knew from Trinidad. There everyone normal had brown skin. She further recounts how after having her son in 2018, her hair started to fall out which drove her to search for good black hair products. This experience led her to create a website tailored to meet the needs of black people, one that celebrates Black love, Black joy, Black excellence, and Black beauty. 

The name Buy Default, inspired by her husband, was intentionally chosen to change the narrative of Black people being mediocre, exotic, or different but instead emphasize that being Black is the default setting.  

At the time of recording, the social media platforms for Buy Default were temporarily on pause but the website is still up and running.

Dr. LaToya can be reached on various social media platforms. Her website is Buy Default while her YouTube channel is Buy Default. On Instagram, it is buy_ default and she is also on Facebook .

Personally, she can be found on LinkedIn , on Instagram, and Facebook as Dr. Toya L Sampson.

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