Maggie Jean

Maggie Jean, CEO of MJ’s Coaching and Business Solutions LLC and team member of the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team is a coach “who believes in you every step of the way”. Born and raised in St. Lucia, Maggie immigrated to the U.S in 2003 and recounts her journey of  passion and purpose. Maggie is passionate about serving others through leadership, coaching, speaking, and team building. 

Prior to her transition into the field of leadership and coaching, Maggie had worked as a senior executive at a demanding retail company. Despite her success at the company, she felt a sense of unfulfillment as her desire was to grow professionally, have more impact in the world and lead teams effectively.  It was this desire to have greater impact that led to her discovery of the John Maxwell team in 2015, which in turn led to her becoming a leader, mentor, and coach.

Maggie further shares how she made a major decision to leave her job in 2017 to join the John Maxwell team full-time after discovering that their values aligned with hers. In 2020, Maggie discloses how the pandemic helped in making a greater impact because people from different parts of the world had the opportunity to meet with her virtually. Besides, she also shares how operating in a hybrid format (in-person and virtually) prior to the COVID-19 pandemic had helped in transitioning after the pandemic hit. Ultimately, the pandemic provided an opportunity for growth, and thankfully, she was prepared and ready for the change.

Maggie’s business, MJ’s Coaching and Business Solutions LLC, helps leaders develop their assertiveness while managing people in teams. Likewise, her coaching sessions help employees function efficiently and effectively at their job. She thinks this is important since people are often thrust into positions outside their comfort zones. Maggie sees the need for coaching as she believes in her clients, is passionate about journeying with them to grow, excel, and perform beyond their wildest imagination. 

For Maggie life is all about progression and not perfection

Maggie Jean can be reached on her website ; on LinkedIn , and on Facebook and YouTube. Maggie can also be found on the John Maxwell team website.

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