Sharon Carter

Sharon Carter and Who she is

Sharon Carter is a wealth management professional who focuses on life insurance, disability insurance and annuities. She works with Northeast Planning Group, a firm located in New Hyde Park, New York. Sharon is passionate about changing the narrative and misconceptions people have about life insurance, disability insurance, and annuities, and seeks for them to see them as tools to use to support their life styles and to protect their income. Being a first generation American, Sharon shares some of her experiences being raised as a child of Barbadian immigrant parents.

Her passion to educate others on the benefits of these vehicles of protection ( life insurance, disability insurance and annuities ) also stems from a personal experience . She and her mother were involved in two car accidents. Due to the policies her mom had in place, numerous expenses were covered which included expenses for about a year until her mom fully recovered. At the time, younger Sharon was still a dependent. Sharon emphasizes that financial planning for the future and retirement should not be entirely focused on 401k’s since most 4001k policies are driven by the stock market. However, annuities help individuals to save for a period of time with a certain percentage accessible to them during retirement.

Moreover, Sharon firmly believes that money is an indispensable tool, and speaks on the importance of getting a life insurance as people’s lives are more valuable than phones or cars which are commonly insured. Likewise, medical costs are on the rise and this is one of the perks of getting a life insurance – access to funds to pay for (unforeseen) expenses. She further elaborates on the advantage of life insurance, disabilities, and annuities over stocks and mutual funds which do not have a protection downside.

Sharon can be reached on social media on LinkedIn , on Instagram, and on Facebook

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