Turiya Hodge

Turiya Hodge, a female social media strategist from the U.S Virgin Islands, is passionate about helping coaches, entrepreneurs and thought leaders maintain an authentic presence on social media platforms. Born and raised in St. Thomas, she graduated from Howard University and recounts how this journey took her 13 years. Initially, Turiya was not a believer of social media; however, after she became a new entrepreneur and needed networking, she saw the need and value of social media in making connections and networking. As a social media strategist, she emphasizes the importance of serving people online through messages, stories, and connecting conversations. She firmly upholds the value of knowing the audience you are called to serve and showing up consistently. 

Turiya explains how her business had been modelled strategically to handle the unforeseen events of the COVID-19 pandemic. She reveals how developing a model to improve effectiveness in terms of finance and growth for her business helped her navigate through the pandemic. However, she shares that after she had developed this plan, not everyone shared the same vision with her. She further recounts how at the hit of the pandemic; more business owners were forced to do business on virtual platforms. Her experience in virtual spaces greatly helped in meeting the needs of her clients in managing their businesses online. This also enabled  her desire to live in the U.S for 6 months and in the Virgin Islands for the remainder of the  year.

Finally, Turiya explains that social media enables one to create their stage without waiting for others to create one for you. To her, social media is different from traditional marketing which encourages businesses to go out and hunt for customers and clients.

As a firm believer of dreams and the expansion of them, Turiya has found fulfilment in her calling and career as a social media strategist. She can be reached on Facebook, Twitter, on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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