Coach Doreen Lettsome Reid

Doreen Lettsome Reid

Coach Doreen Lettsome Reid, a certified African- American business coach to confident and high performing Christian women coaches from all around the world, immigrated independently from Charleston to Cheraw, South Carolina at a tender age of 16. As a follower of Christ, she is very passionate about building the Kingdom of God through her coaching career which she considers her place of calling and ministry. Doreen speaks audaciously about how distinct her coaching services are from others since her sessions are individualized and specifically tailored to the needs of her clients and inspired by the Holy Spirit – the greatest Coach. She believes that her calling in the ministry of coaching sets her apart to help female Christian coaches in business who are over 40 explore their hidden potentials by using the Word of God as the standard of truth in combating fear. Even as an expert in coaching, Doreen acknowledges fear as a respecter of no one, and a tool the enemy employs in hindering God’s beautiful plan and purposes in the life of people. 

Doreen’s life as a successful coach is far from perfect and pristine as she reveals traumatic experiences from her early childhood that have helped solidify her identity in Jesus Christ and reveal the mandate given to her by God. She recounts being raised by her grandmother until the age of five in Bronx, New York and moving with her parents to Charleston, South Carolina in search of a safer neighborhood. At the time, Charleston, was underdeveloped and it was here she experienced the most pain. In school, she was deemed unfit, incapable of reading, and name-called a “cold prickly” that is, a bad child by her teacher. At home, she felt unsafe because her parents wanted her dead, causing her to move out at the age of 16 to a new city in South Carolina called Cheraw. 

Here, she worked long hours at McDonalds to pay her tuition in high school as well as fend for herself. In the midst of all that has happened, Doreen encourages women, especially those lacking resources, in foreign countries, and in unfamiliar terrains to hold on to hope in Jesus. She emphasizes that they are never alone, but seen and loved by God, in the midst of their circumstances, who brings beauty out of pain. Her favorite quote, “confident women complete, and not compete”, hints on the prerequisite for building a global brand. 

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