This revamped podcast aims to reach and empower the often-overlooked population of African and Caribbean immigrant women.

These bold adventurers have left their motherlands for the great unknowns of the Western world, most especially, the UK, the U.S. and Canada.

In conversations featured on this new version of “Chatting with the Expert,” we will talk about contending with cultural shocks and how step-by-step we can overcome the obstacles that lie ahead in foreign lands.

Last but not least, this podcast serves to give a voice to this worthy population who at times can feel or be voiceless by supporting and empowering these incredible women to make their voices heard for the greater good.

Group of Happy Women
Group of Happy Women
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Paula Okonneh is a Nigerian-Grenadian author, podcaster, mathematician, Christ-follower, and mother who has an ever-growing passion for technology at the intersection of women. Paula put this passion to good use as she co hosts the “Lady Tech Charmers” podcast, – a thought-provoking and tech-encouraging podcast, which is now the lead podcast of Carolina Women in Tech (CWIT).

She holds a special place in her heart for her community, African and Caribbean women. In turn, she hopes to harness the power of technology and storytelling to help bring forth the voices of her beloved “sisters” by featuring them on her recently rebranded podcast, “Chatting with the Experts,” as well as offering one-on-one podcast coaching sessions.

She looks forward to connecting and engaging with individuals committed to empowering her African, and Caribbean sisterhood.