A Pioneer’s Journey

A Pionerr's Journey

The Year 2021 has shown Pioneer Paula the joys of believing what is possible.  In 2012 she started with the early use of QR codes, commercial text messages, use of short codes and exploring podcasts.  Her belief is what is possible is spearing her on to other aspirations. 

The Pioneers Journey

She is on an amazing journey  to celebrate sisterhood to celebrate her rich heritage abd culture. Hating the spotlight has not gotten in the way of her showcasing her guests and encouraging them to share their stories and to raise their voices. 

Channeling the voices of her clients has encouraged her to wear many hats of making technology available and alive being a facilitator, capturing the experiences of others  and charting her journey as an immigrant in the world. Her soon to be published book gives a flavor of her  journey and an insight into her world.  She extols her value by enabling others.

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