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Ida Blake Holistic Health Coach

Ida Blake is a Holistic Health Coach living in the U.K.  Born in Montserrat, she is very passionate about helping women find joy in their lives and discover their purpose. Having moved to the U.K at the early age of 17 to further her education, Ida recalls that her childhood was plagued by so much uncertainty due to the frequent volcanic warnings and the fear of losing everything at any given moment. As a young adult, this also translated into Ida’s subsequent struggle with discovering her identity and purpose. 

Upon Ida’s immigration to the U.K, she dabbled into different things before discovering her calling in providing holistic care to women. Ida explores the cultural differences between both environments, and how loneliness negatively impacted her life and her relationships with men. Ida reveals how a visit to a sexual health clinic for testing sparked her interest in health advising. After making inquiries, she realized that while there wasn’t a direct route to becoming a health advisor, experience in the field was required. So, she worked as a technician in a sexual health clinic and gained meaningful experiences from working with people with diverse sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, herpes, and HPV. Having been exposed to people with incurable, but manageable sexually transmitted diseases, Ida decided to make major changes in having causal relationships with men.

About this time, Ida met her husband and her new relationship motivated her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in health and social care. Though her relationship with her husband went sour, Ida is grateful for their daughter who has been her inspiration to pursue a career as a health coach. Ida is very passionate about helping women find joy while journeying toward their goal-weight. She emphasizes the importance of staying grateful for having things that serve you while working toward your goals. As one who had struggled with her weight in the past, she understands the struggles women face with their weight and offers valuable insights from her personal journey towards living a healthy, holistic life.    

 Overall, Ida attributes her achievements to God, rather than luck.

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