Jacquel Tucker

Jacquel Tucker

Jacquel Tucker is a female Christian entrepreneur and business owner from Higgins Land, Jamaica. She successfully runs a business and nonprofit organization, and is passionate about teaching others to find and walk in their God-given purpose. Raised by both parents in a family of 8 siblings, her parents were committed workers in the church with her father pastoring two churches and her mother serving as a youth director in 7 churches. Though born in Jamaica, Jacquel left for the U.S after receiving a full-ride scholarship to study hospitality, restaurant management, and tourism in the University of Maine. Shortly after her associate degree, Jacquel returned to her home country, Jamaica; and her decision to return home was hinged on God’s plan for her life. 

Jamaica offered the young Jacquel great personal and career opportunities especially in the area of tourism. Working as a supervisor at the Jamaica Tourist Board office in Ocho Rios in her 20s exposed her to a wide range of responsibilities like “supervising the information boats with tourists up to……. preparing cruise ships, and statistics for the Minister of Tourism for the town of Ocho Rios.”

While Jacquel had amazing opportunities in Jamaica, she felt strongly that God’s vision for her life was bigger than Jamaica and that a major move to the U.S. was next.  

She found the work system in Jamaica at that time was age-limiting since certain positions could only be attained at a certain age. This reason prompted her move back  to the US where there were more opportunities for someone her age. Back to the U.S she lived with her parents and sister in New Jersey until she could find her feet. Here, she continued in the field of hospitality by working as an entry-level staff at Holiday Inn which was at the time, “a great hotel for families, vacations, and reunions.” When the opportunity came to move to a higher position, Jacquel prepared herself to work under a new department, sales, and took it!

Over the years, Jacquel worked her way up, constantly seeking opportunities to exude diligence and excellence in her career. As a forward thinker, Jacquel believes that there’s no retiring for her especially since she owns and runs a nonprofit organization geared toward transforming school systems by providing resources for them. During the COVID-19 pandemic, her nonprofit fed over 2000 families each month and 10 communities in Jamaica. Her nonprofit also organizes mission trips to Jamaica and seeks donations from sponsors. 

Alongside her nonprofit, Jacquel is the founder of a hospitality business My Purpose on Fire, and helps “kingdom minded, aspiring entrepreneurs or professionals discover, ignite, and launch your true kingdom calling “.

She provides valuable training and coaching programs to help start up both profit and nonprofit businesses. Her business,the JTucker Group provides a specific duration of 90 days to help launch these businesses. Jacquel further attributes all her successes to God whose purpose for her life is on fire, and desires to see others find, launch, and live in their purpose on fire. 

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