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Marie McKenzie, a Jamaican-born Amazon bestseller, nurse educator, and sexual assault nurse migrated to the U.S in 1989. Marie worked in the clerical field and got interested in the healthcare field due to the influence of her aunt who was a registered nurse back in Jamaica. Marie has a background in emergency nursing and has worked with several physicians to care for sexual assault victims while following the law enforcement protocols. Marie speaks passionately about how her purpose in reviving the hopes of victims of sexual assault, and in providing them with resources required on their journey of healing. 

Having been violated at the tender age of eleven, Marie is passionate about helping people who have been violated sexually. She speaks boldly about the need for these women to have someone believe them , especially since the desire to live is often lost in the face of sexual abuse, assault, and/or rape. Marie works excellently in not only providing direct care and support to victims of sexual abuse, but is also a renowned author whose book on her experiences after being molested has and is still shaping the lives of many victims. 

Her Amazon bestselling book,” The Things that Keep Me Up at Night”, which narrates her journey of healing, wholeness, and freedom from the jaws of sexual assault is widely used in clinical settings and among small groups as a guide to people/ families recovering from sexual assault. In this book, she goes into detail about the recurring thoughts about her experience; keeping her up at night. She thereafter provides insights on how she overcame that through the use of resources and positive coping strategies. Marie discloses how making a bold decision to share her story with the world facilitated her healing process as well as brought fulfillment while helping others navigate through their similar journeys. Marie has also coauthored another book with a best-selling author, Naleighna Kai, titled “90 Days of Pleasure”, and shares her excitement on branching out to a new genre. 

Marie can be reached on all social media platforms as Maria McKenzie, and on her website as

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