Immigrant Podcasts

Adessa Barker - Hope
Immigrant Podcasts

From Trinidad – Hope and Forgiveness

Adessa  Barker is an attorney, a speaker and a wellness practitioner. Born in the twin island country of  Trinidad and Tobago, Adessa moved to the

Carolina Aponte
Immigrant Podcasts

Margarita Island to Miami and Success

Carolina Aponte migrated From Margarita Island in the Caribbean  to Miami when 13,  left Miami at 16 and returned when 20 . Her amazing story

Angela Spence British Jamaican
Immigrant Podcasts

Angela Spence- British and Jamaican

British born with Jamaican parents is how Angela Spence describes herself .The youngest of seven children , Angela talks candidly about how her life differed

Chinwe Ohajuruka
Immigrant Podcasts

From Nigeria to the US

Chinwe Ohajuruka is an award-winning architect, a social entrepreneur and the team leader of Comprehensive Design Services or CDS Housing. She considers herself a citizen of