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Jacquel Tucker Purpose on Fire
Immigrant Podcasts

Purpose On Fire

Jacquel Tucker born in Jamaica talks candidly about the company My Purpose on Fire. Tune in to hear her journey on how she created a

Lucie Matsouaka
Immigrant Podcasts

Cameroonian – Coach | Author | Speaker

Fellow AFRICAN sister Lucie Matsouaka is a Senior Professional Career Coach, a Youth Leadership Coach, an Author and Speaker . Born in Cameroon, she schooled

Paula Okonneh Looking Ahead to 2022
Immigrant Podcasts

Looking Ahead to 2022

As the year comes to a close I can’t help but reflect on what it has taken to get to where I am. I’m particularly

Happy Holidays from Paula Okonneh
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Happy Holidays

Wishing a very Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas to all my guests on Chatting with the Experts. I want to thank each of you for

Edie Clarke St Thomas
Immigrant Podcasts

St Thomas and New York

Edie Clarke was born in New York but raised on the island of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. She returned to New York to

Immigrant Podcasts

Podcasting, Coaching & Immigrant Women

Podcasting, Coaching and Immigrant Women’s stories is what Paula Okonneh host of Chatting With the Experts focuses on in this episode. Her journey into podcasting,

Excellence Surpasses Everything Suzan Hart
Immigrant Podcasts

Excellence Surpasses Everything

Excellence surpasses everything was a key lesson Suzan Hart learned from a very early age after being singled out by her teacher for her Trinidadian

Marguerite Orane - I immigrated to Canada
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I immigrated to Canada

Marguerite Orane immigrated to Canada in 2009 and says that there is a lesson for immigrant women. ” When we come to a new country,

Renate Moore
Immigrant Podcasts

Guyanese Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Guyanese Immigrant Renate Moore is an author, speaker and an entrepreneur who went from writing children’s books to creating a cafe then moved on to

Monique Russell
Immigrant Podcasts

Bahamas, Nigeria, the US and Monique

Monique Russell is of Bahamian and Nigerian heritage and now lives in the US. She is the CEO of Clear Communication Solutions, a podcaster ,

Immigrant Podcasts

Why I left Jamaica-Marva Riley

When asked why she left Jamaica, Marva Riley says ” We came to the United States for economic opportunities, not because we didn’t love our

Corine La Font from Trinidad to Jamaica
Immigrant Podcasts

Corine LaFont from Trinidad to Jamaica

In this episode I speak with Corine La Font who emigrated from Trinidad to Jamaica. She is a PR and Communications Consultant, Podcaster, Speaker, Author