Has editing podcasts become an industry

Editing Podcasts

Podcasting editing is becoming a growing industry for sure. If you search on Google for “podcast editing”  you will find countless links for podcasting editing services and editing tricks & tips. 

If you’re podcasting already, you know that the editing process can be tedious. So have no fear, there are resources here! Nowadays, there are plenty of companies that provide editing &  other post production services to podcasters. While these services may come with a price, trust me, when I say it may be worth it. I have done podcast editing and as much as I liked being hands on, I am thankful every day for my editing team. They help me with my postproduction needs as well as my clients. I truly appreciate all the work they put in to make my podcasts and my clients’ ready for listening. 

However, if you’re not sure that working with a podcast editing/production company is for you, there are other options.  For starters, you could consider working with a podcast coach like me. I work with clients on how to start and manage their podcasts which includes showing you how to edit your own podcast. 

Or you can consider editing your podcasts on your own, which is fine too. Here are some editng software to consider:


Audacity which is  free and works on both Apple and Windows computer 

GarageBand is macOS and found on all apple computers


Adobe Audition works on both Apple and Windows. Is subscription based

Logic Pro X  is also macOS and is roughly a $200 one time purchase

Hindenburg Journalistic works on both Apple and Windows

They all have a learning curve, different levels of complexity and editing capabilities

Podcasting is a wonderful journey to embark on. Like I’ve said in my previous post “How to Begin Podcasting” , launching your own podcast can be as simple as getting a good microphone,  editing software, selecting a  podcast host, finding great guests and having interesting topics but that is of course the simpliest  pathway to  creating and launching a podcast. The success and  growth of your podcast is dependent on many other  factors some of which I will discuss next time.

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