Alexandra Zion

Alexandra Zion

Alexandra Zion is a young Nigerian educator and international student in the U.S, passionate about impacting lives in her community. Having immigrated to the U.S in 2018 to further her education, she is working on her master’s degree in research in Afrofuturism, post-colonialism as she prepares to become an educator someday. While in Nigeria, she discovered her passion to educate others during her 2nd and 3rd year of study as an undergrad in English at Covenant University. Her desire to assist freshmen students with classes they struggled with prompted her to work as a tutorial coordinator during her final years in the university. 

Upon her graduation, Alexandra decided to further her education abroad. While she considered studying in the U.K, her decision to study in the U.S was based on its curriculum which aligned with her interests in research, African, African American, and Caribbean literature. Upon her arrival to the U.S and being passionate about educating and growing others, Alexandra worked as a teaching assistant during her graduate studies where she instructed students in classes like teaching composition and grammar. Here, she fostered relationships with various students, and was further convinced of her desire to transform ideals and attitudes while impacting knowledge.

In the midst of her successes, Alex experienced and still experiences the challenge of fully transitioning into the American society as an international student. She recalled an incident that led her to question her decision to study abroad which happened during her first semester in the fall of 2018, she recalled her experience during the onset of winter while waiting on her train to arrive at the station.

 “One of those days, I wasn’t, I was just done with class. I was expecting my train by eight. So, I went to the train station. Then, you had it in mind that I would be there till [8:00] PM. The train didn’t arrive until eight 30. It was in the cold. Like it was really cold. It was icy cold.

Everywhere was. And I just started crying because I had no idea when the tears. Started to roll down my cheeks. It was just sudden, but that was one of the experiences that I still remember clearly, even now, because it wasn’t just about the tears. It was just, it was, when you have pent up emotions and then one time you just released everything.”

Despite the difficulty of adapting to a new country, Alex found solace in her local church where she was able to build a community of friends that have given her a sense of belonging and purpose. In her free time, Alex enjoys writing poems, and owns a poetry podcast titled Poem’o clock, a platform where she shares her thoughts and ideas while educating and entertaining others on faith, inspiration, lifestyle, poems, and stories. To find out more about Alex, you can check her out on Instagram @Alexandrazion and on her website:

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