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Nanette Thelamaque is an American woman with Caribbean and Mexican roots, and the female entrepreneur behind InEssence Virtual Assistance, a company that provides support to business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and busy professionals. She is very passionate about helping business owners move forward with her wealth of knowledge and experience in sales and marketing for small startup businesses. While Nanette is not a direct immigrant, her paternal and maternal grandfathers immigrated from Ellis Island and Mexico respectively. She narrates her experiences growing up as one “caught between both worlds”, and her experience in going between varying yet co-existing cultures. Besides, French and Spanish languages wasn’t the only difference between her paternal and maternal side of the family, for their distinct cultures also influenced their views, attitudes, and perceptions.

Growing up in Brooklyn amongst families from diverse cultures – Germany, Italy, Poland, and various Caribbean islands gave her a rich blend of cultures, and expanded her knowledge of them. Here, most kids of immigrant parents played and grew up with each other, building a sense of close connection and community as “everyone watched each other”.  Her upbringing further helped her develop persistence and determination to thrive in college and thereafter in life.

Nanette’s formal education first began in Colorado, and continued in New York where she majored in Psychology, with a focus on special education. However, she soon discovered that she wasn’t cut out for that path, especially since she was focused on her young child at the time. Thereafter, she took online classes in technology and business.   

Nanette established her company in 2013 and has carved a career for herself in sales and marketing for small startup technology companies during the first internet boom, in the mid-nineties in Boston. After the collapse, she found work in the marketing department of a publishing company. And while there, discovered her love for graphic design, product development, and digital marketing. Lastly, Nanette encouraged immigrant women to open up to those unfamiliar with their cultures even though they are more comfortable with doing otherwise. She emphasized that such persons might just be willing to help them reach their goal irrespective of their cultural background.

To find out more about Nanette, she can be reached on her website, on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram @inessenceva.

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