Apple’s Latest Move in Podcasting: Subscriptions

Apple’s Latest Move in Podcasting Subscriptions

Earlier this week Apple announced a major change in terms of its podcasting services: as of next month they will be offering subscriptions. Yes, you heard me! Get ready to add yet another subscription service to your monthly budget. But…this is going to be slightly different than Netflix, Prime, Hulu, or whatever other subscription service is popular these days because this is podcasting after all! This being said, podcast creators, like (possibly) you and me, can start charging subscribers to listen to our podcast shows via this new podcasting marketplace courtesy of Apple 

So This is How it Will Work:

Podcast creators can develop shows and channels (groups of shows) exclusively for paid subscribers for just $19.99 as part of Apple Podcasters Program. Or you can take the middle ground and offer a freemium model where you allow subscribers to listen to some episodes for free; hopefully you get them engaged with your content, inspiring them to pay for a subscription for your podcast and or podcast channels. Nevertheless, if you desire to go the traditional route, you can continue to keep your show free for listeners. 

Why You Should Consider Becoming a Podcast Creator with a Apple Subscription:

 #1: Opportunity to Boost Revenue: 

This new subscription option will allow you to monetize your podcast that much more, helping you cover your costs and drive revenue. You get to set your own pricing starting at $0.49 per month. Apple will take 30% of your revenue the first year and 15% then after. 

#2: Provide Additional Benefits to Your Audience:

Your subscribers will be gain access to:

  • Ad-free listening
  • Exclusive content
  • Early access to content

#3: Find New Ways to Cultivate a Thriving Audience:With the benefits and additional tools available to podcast creators with subscriptions, it is a great way to better foster your listening community. This new service has opened up the possibilities for you to  tell the stories and have the conversations you believe best serve your audience. Apple also announced a redesign of the Apple Podcast app, including tools that help podcast creators monitor key metrics  like ‘most engaged listeners and top cities (TechCrunch),’ which can help you tailor your podcast(s) strategically. 

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