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Scaling Up – Business Success Tips for Women

Discover key strategies for scaling women-owned enterprises in the debut episode of ‘Chatting with the Experts’ TV Show. Nanette Thélémaque, a seasoned entrepreneur shares insights

Marietta Carter-Nacisse More Than a Powder Puff and a Lipstick
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More Than a Powder Puff and a Lipstick

Marietta Carter-Narcisse is a beauty entrepreneur or beautypreneur, a 30 plus year veteran celebrity makeup artist, and a department head makeup artist for film and

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Dr. La Toya Luces-Sampson is a physician and an entrepreneur. An extremely dynamic woman, she is the proud owner of 2 businesses. La Toya is

Maggie Jean
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A Coach Who Wants You To Excel

Maggie Jean, CEO of MJ’s Coaching and Business Solutions LLC and team member of the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team is a coach ” who believes

Sharon Carter - Life Insurance, Disability and Annuities
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Life Insurance, Disability and Annuities

Sharon Carter is a wealth management professional who focuses on life insurance, disability and annuities. She says we need to look at life insurance, disability

Turiya Hodge
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Social Media is A Serving Tool

Social Media Specialist Turiya Hodge says that social media is a serving tool. She says that even though business owners are encouraged to position products

Doreen Lettsome Reid
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Coaching Confident Christian Coaches

Doreen Lettsome Reid is a certified business coach to confident Christian women coaches from all around the world. She coaches high performing Christian coaches 40

Precious Nyarambi From Zimbabwe
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From Zimbabwe

Precious Nyarambi moved from Zimbabwe to South Africa because she believed that the economic growth in Zimbabwe was not supportive of young people. She is