Renate Moore
Immigrant Podcasts

Guyanese Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Guyanese Immigrant Renate Moore is an author, speaker and an entrepreneur who went from writing children’s books to creating a cafe then moved on to

Monique Russell
Immigrant Podcasts

Bahamas, Nigeria, the US and Monique

Monique Russell is of Bahamian and Nigerian heritage and now lives in the US. She is the CEO of Clear Communication Solutions, a podcaster ,

Immigrant Podcasts

Why I left Jamaica-Marva Riley

When asked why she left Jamaica, Marva Riley says ” We came to the United States for economic opportunities, not because we didn’t love our

Corine La Font from Trinidad to Jamaica
Immigrant Podcasts

Corine LaFont from Trinidad to Jamaica

In this episode I speak with Corine La Font who emigrated from Trinidad to Jamaica. She is a PR and Communications Consultant, Podcaster, Speaker, Author

Alicia Couri
Immigrant Podcasts

Alicia Couri – Audacious and Confident

Alicia Couri  can be described as an audacious and confident woman. She didn’t start out this way and says confidence is something she struggled with

Nanette Thelemaque
Immigrant Podcasts

Nanette Thelemaque – St Barts, Jamaica and more

Nanette Thelemaque’s paternal grandmother was from Negril Jamaica while her paternal grandfather was from St. Barts also known as Saint Barthélemy. Her maternal grandfather immigrated

Alexandra Zion
Immigrant Podcasts

Alexandra Zion An Educator

Alexandra Zion, a young Nigerian woman came to the US as a student in 2018 to continue her education, pursue a master’s degree in research

_Tomide Awe - A Nigerian's Struggle To Triumph
Immigrant Podcasts

A Nigerian’s Struggle To Triumph

Struggle to Triumph is how Tomide Awe, the senior revenue strategy and operations manager at Twitter, founder of Olori – an African fashion brand that

Puerto Rican or Dominican
Immigrant Podcasts

Puerto Rican or Dominican

My guest Lisa Santiago McNeill is a third generation Latin American, Puerto Rican, and Bahamian who thought for many years that she was Dominican and

Adessa Barker - Hope
Immigrant Podcasts

From Trinidad – Hope and Forgiveness

Adessa  Barker is an attorney, a speaker and a wellness practitioner. Born in the twin island country of  Trinidad and Tobago, Adessa moved to the

Carolina Aponte
Immigrant Podcasts

Margarita Island to Miami and Success

Carolina Aponte migrated From Margarita Island in the Caribbean  to Miami when 13,  left Miami at 16 and returned when 20 . Her amazing story