Sharon Carter and Who she is

Sharon Carter

Sharon Carter is a wealth management professional who focuses on life insurance, disability insurance and annuities. She works with Northeast Planning Group, a firm located in New Hyde Park, New York. Sharon is passionate about changing the narrative and misconceptions people have about life insurance, disability insurance, and annuities, and seeks for them to see …

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Turiya Hodge

Turiya Hodge, a female social media strategist from the U.S Virgin Islands, is passionate about helping coaches, entrepreneurs and thought leaders maintain an authentic presence on social media platforms. Born and raised in St. Thomas, she graduated from Howard University and recounts how this journey took her 13 years. Initially, Turiya was not a believer …

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Doreen Lettsome Reid

Coach Doreen Lettsome Reid

Coach Doreen Lettsome Reid, a certified African- American business coach to confident and high performing Christian women coaches from all around the world, immigrated independently from Charleston to Cheraw, South Carolina at a tender age of 16. As a follower of Christ, she is very passionate about building the Kingdom of God through her coaching …

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Precious Nyarambi

Precious Nyarambi, a female social entrepreneur, international speaker, coach, mentor and author, from Zimbabwe moved to South Africa for economic reasons. As an immigrant in a foreign country, she experienced several challenges in getting a job, and even considered prostitution. At that stage of her life, she finally understood how easy it was for those …

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Precious Nyarambi From Zimbabwe

From Zimbabwe

Precious Nyarambi moved from Zimbabwe to South Africa because she believed that the economic growth in Zimbabwe was not supportive of young people. She is now a a Social Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Coach, Mentor and Author. She is now the founder of Vessels of Virtue and the Managing Director for Elohay Cleaners & Prember Holdings. …

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Marie McKenzie Write up

Marie McKenzie

Marie McKenzie, a Jamaican-born Amazon bestseller, nurse educator, and sexual assault nurse migrated to the U.S in 1989. Marie worked in the clerical field and got interested in the healthcare field due to the influence of her aunt who was a registered nurse back in Jamaica. Marie has a background in emergency nursing and has …

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Christelle Mombo-Zigah Blog

Christelle Mombo-Zigah

Christelle Mombo-Zigah, a global leader impacting and transforming businesses globally, was born and raised in France to Congolese parents from Congo DRC. Christelle is a change-agent and trend-setter, and one with an exceptionally impressive educational background. Having graduated from La Sorbonne University with her masters in international business, she recently graduated from Stanford Graduate School …

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