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053 : Nora Richardson – What You’re NOT Doing to Attract Clients

Nora D. Richardson, Brand Strategist of Spot-On Branding, operates a successful business where she has been mentioned by the New York Times, worked with big corporations like Kahlua and Northwest Airlines and helps clients daily achieve 6-figure wins.

This wasn’t always easy for Nora Richardson. After reaching her American dream by graduating college, she realized that the 9-5 grind was not for her and started her own business.


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Here is what we spoke about:

1.  Why can’t I find good quality, prospective clients? [3:28]
There are so many marketing “trends” out there. Businesses are spinning their wheels with trying to keep up AND are still having trouble with finding qualified leads or helping them get to the next level.

Simple answer is… businesses are marketing WAY too much.

And even worse, marketing is being used to hide a bigger problem. Even though most businesses are fascinating and are doing amazing things in the world, they are hiding that they have an underdeveloped brand that comes off as uninteresting and non-relatable to prospective clients.

2. What are the right ways to attract clients? [8:22]

Marketing is about connection. Branding is about purpose. You can’t make a meaningful connection without purpose. Here are three areas of which you need get right:

  1. The company values
  2. The company story
  3. Positioning

Marketing can’t work without developed branding. Branding makes marketing work. And not just work…but makes it more effective.

3. What is the one piece of advice that you would give businesses today who are struggling with finding their audience? [24:21]
Start being interesting. How you start being interesting is totally in your company’s origin story. Your story, your purpose, your struggle, your determination, your learned lessons, your achievements is what will captivate and engage the right audience for you and your business.


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