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054: LaShanda Millner-Murphy Professional Style Coach

Professional Style Coach,LaShanda Millner-MurphyAs a professional style coach, LaShanda Millner- Murphy helps thousands of men and women in the eastern region understand the importance of image and appearance. She helps create their best polished presence. She answers 3 of her frequently asked questions.

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Here is  what we spoke about:

1.[2:56]What is a professional Style Coach …

  • I help my clients strengthen their executive presence not only their personal appearance ( what to wear / what not to wear) but I also help them in areas of behavior awareness and communication
  • Behavior – how to attract and engage people
  • Communication – being aware of verbal and non verbal skills to better present yourself
  • This is the TOTAL executive presence

2. [4:40]So if a client comes to you how do they go about using your service …

  • First there is a written  assessment
  • Next there is a one on one consult . I like the one on one much better because “your story” is presented better through dialogue

3. [6:39]How does one know if they need your services …

    • Personal development is a continuous process – we grow , values change , workplaces change , more opportunities come our way ( promotions , new ventures , becoming an entrepreneur ) so your presence changes with these opportunities.
    • We almost always not think about YOUR PRESENCE but only think about your skill set … the key to all of this is that… your Presence must always align with your skill set

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