Stacey Randall

052 Stacey Randall – How to get Referrals Without Asking


Stacey RandallHelping other business owners to avoid business failure is  what my guest Stacey Brown Randall focuses on.

She knows all about this – having had her first business fail.

This has made all all the difference with her current
business’ success and she is sharing all of her secrets by answering

3 of her frequently asked questions

1. What is your most important business credential? [1:52]

2. Why do you believe that if you have to ask for referrals you are doing it all wrong [4:22]

3.  If you don’t ask for referrals what can you do to get or generate referrals? [8:56]

5 things to take away from Stacey

  •  You have to have the right mind set
  •  Who is referring you now and who do you want to be referring you
  • Have some sort of category of who is more valuable in terms of who has been sending you referrals
  • Create the right experience using the right language
  • Experience is delivered through touch points
  • Automate as much as possible
  • Track and measure
  • Business is truly about relationships

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