JJ DiGeronimo

051: JJ DiGeronimo’s 3 Top Action-based Strategies For Women’s Success

JJ DiGeronimoJJ DiGeronimo, president of Tech Savvy Women, is a thought leader for Women in Tech and Girls in STEM.

She is now a featured columnist for Smart Business Magazine, where she shares her technology, leadership, inclusion, and retention expertise.

Here are some of the things we spoke about:

Why do women need a “professional playbook” to navigate corporate cultures and industries? [2:38]

Why do women need to enhance their relevance, establish new sponsors, and expand their network?  [7:31]

How do women secure the next position,  board seat, or even start a new initiative? [9:28]

Most times women have to secure these seats actively [10:35]

Join or lead a committee  [10:44]

Links to Things Mentioned in This Episode:

JJ DiGeronimo’s new book, Accelerate Your Impact: Action-based Strategies to Pave Your Professional Path, just won Axiom’s 2017 Women /Diversity Business Book of the year.

Videos for Professional Women on JJ DiGeronimo’s YouTube Channel

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