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050 : Lianne Hofer – 3 Best Ways to DeClutter

Lianne HoferClutter Consultant Lianne Hofer  Owner of The Clutter Consultant shares the top 3 ways to declutter an office, a home or a room.

Family and friends used to ask her to help in their homes and they helped to hone the skills used with today’s clients. Lianne wants all her clients to get through their stuff, to find the gems in the home that make the client love the space. With a big heart Lianne makes all her clients feel at ease! She has a natural ability to see past the stuff that her clients call about and work with them to find the vision with them.

Here’s what  she is frequently asked:

1) The best way to prepare to move

Purge out the easy stuff – declutter because you will do it again after you move.

Label everything [5:07]

Start as soon as you are thinking about moving-as you are considering or if you know you will be considering

2) Best times to declutter when staying in the home

Life change [5:34]

Season changes  [5:57]

Turn your hangers backwards [6:29]

3) How to organize

Keep like things together [7:26]

Use smaller consignment stores [9:08]

Prime real estate is nose to knees [10:45]





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