Steve Gatter Mastermind Group Leader for B2B Solopreneurs

049 : Steve Gatter Solopreneurs Q and A

Steve Gatter Mastermind Group Leader for B2B SolopreneursJoining me today is Steve Gatter Mastermind Group Leader for B2B Solopreneurs who answers 3 frequently asked questions about efficient niche marketing strategies for Solopreneurs.

Here are the questions he answered:

[1] Why deliver this content to a group of 6 people rather than just the two of us working privately?

  • What I have discovered is that when you have the opportunity to bring 6 solopreneurs together, the conversation is just more richer, deeper and more valued.[3:38]

  • The brainstorming is better, there are more ideas offered , there’s more feedback offered .[3:50]

  • Getting 5 other solopreneurs in the room to share their thoughts and ideas about what somebody else is trying to do that’s just more better. It’s just a richer event . It seems to work better.[3:59]

[2] If I focus on just this one niche, won’t I be missing other possible prospects? This seems so limiting.

  • As solopreneurs, our clients need to know, like and trust us.[5:30]

  • It also works in the reverse.  As solopreneurs, we need to know, like and trust our clients as well. [5:37]

  • When your business is up and running you how many clients can you serve? Would you prefer to gain a client or spend alot of time and effort reaching 500 people.[5:55]

    [3] Why do you focus just on solopreneurs? Aren’t you missing other possible prospects?

  • It’s the reverse of the previous question. When it comes time for me to spend my time and effort trying to find the people that I want to have as a client it’s the  solopreneurs . I like solopreneurs. I respect them I think that what we are doing this is the epitome of that work-life balance .[8:00]

  • So that’s what being a solopreneur is.  Those are the people that I want to make a difference for and that’s what motivates me to keep doing this .[8:16]


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