Petra Mayers Secrets to eLearning projects Success

048 : Petra Mayer’s Secrets to Creating Successful eLearning Projects

Petra Mayers Secrets to eLearning projects SuccessPetra Mayer owner of Petra Mayer Consulting joins me to talk about the secrets to creating successful eLearning Projects.  She answers some of her most frequently asked questions:

1.Why are Online Programs so important in the businesses you serve?

Online programs are a strategy for many service professionals [1:52]

It’s a strategy to leverage your business [2:00]

It helps generate new leads

It is a tool used  to create greater output  so you can either work with groups or work in a way that your client can actually access the material. [2:36]

2. What is so different when you are creating Online Programs versus offering a workshop or seminar?

Can use pre-recorded materials [4:09]

You have to build-out your programs in a way that your clients find engaging [4:41]

You need to be resourceful and make those adjustments often [4:45] "]

You need to be much more aware of different learning styles. [4:50]

Have a global reach at a low cost [5:37]

Life workshops or a seminars  involve leveraging your time  and the time of the attendees

May need to rent the space to hold the workshop

Can read the faces and interact better with the audience

3. What type of companies would benefit from using online programs as their business?

Any company can benefit from that depending on  how you define online programs [6:20]

A good portion of the program will have to delivered in an online environment and that program  can also be a seminar,  a workshop or an event.  [6:38]

Coaches can benefit by having online program but even massage therapists can . Listen here [8:13]

Petra’s Gift : Self Assessment: From Burnout to Six Figures with Online Programs [15:05]

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