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047 : Ralph Henderson OmniChannel Productions Answers Your Questions

Ralph HendersonRalph Henderson of OmniChannel Productions answers the 3 questions he is frequently asked about his business. Ralph is a calculating risk-taker who thrives on challenging the status quo with a passion for creating marketing strategies and campaigns that yield what one can only describe as “the HRH wow factor”. Learn more about Ralph here.

Here are 3 of his Frequently Asked Questions

1 . Why should  a business bring you in to create executive events, summits and forums?

I can do this with excellence and conduct them in a world class manner

I have been in the supply chain space for 26 years and  have alot of experience in this area.

I can help with the creation of content and with marketing.

I am extremely versatile and can adapt to the client’s need.

2. Why can’t  these executive events, summits and forums be done on video?

Studies have shown that more people attended live events in 2016 than any other year in history.

People need to develop business relationships.

Don’t underestimate the power of people.

3. How does the TV show play into the summits and forums that you conduct?

The TV show helps get the word out.

[19:30]Keynote speakers like  Mike Rowe ” The Dirty Job ” guy, John Gordon author of  ” The Energy Bus “, Stephen MR Covey – The Speed of Trust to name a few,  bring excellent content to the attendees

The show informs the market, the market in turn gets excited about the summits and forums.

The attendees develop deeper business relationships .





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