003:Tesse Akpeki Shares her Dream

Tesse Akpeki Associates

Tesse Akpeki AssociatesTessé Akpeki is passionate about working with organisations, groups and individuals to achieve their highest potential and to create futures that make a difference. In addition Tesse has written in several national and international publications.

The vision of Tesse Akpeki Associates Limited is to enable leadership that transforms, using simple and accessible tools and approaches. We believe that everyone can lead, young, old, able bodied, disabled, Black, Asian, White. We benefit from healthy role modelling, feeling secure, having a sense of belonging and being set up to succeed. Tesse Akpeki Associates Limited pulls together diverse strands of leadership, governance, management, coaching and membership. Tesse Akpeki Associates Limited takes a holistic approach to leadership, governance and management. For more articles written by Tesse visit  Leadership Governance &  Management Bank

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