001:How Sonja Stetzler became a Communication Coach

Sonja Stetzler is the president and founder of Effective Connecting, providing presentation skills and communications coaching and training to individuals and organizations.
Sonja Stetzler

Sonja StetzlerIn this episode, Sonja Stetzler, the president and founder of Effective Connecting,  shares among other things on how she encourages her clients to use stories to communicate about their business. To quote Sonja, ” Stories are the currency of our business . Stories make us relate-able ” Using stories, Sonja talks about how her father and uncle influenced her in becoming the business person that she is. Her mentor, George Pappas whom she admired and had a business relationship with taught her people skills .  She leaned from him how to motivate others and bring out the best in them , skills that she has put to good use in the development of her business.She talks about how her  coach  molded her into becoming a coach. As her coach was able to see all through the cloudy picture that Sonja had at the inception of  Effective Connecting. Sonja  provides presentation skills, communications coaching and training to individuals and organizations as a way of giving back.

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