Aunty Judith talks about the power of joy

The Power of Joy

Judith Bullen, the host’s aunty, was born in Jamaica and is currently an American citizen. She talks about how she went from teaching Spanish in high school to writing Hiding, Thinking, Being, and Present Joys. The conversation covers her life’s significant events, her love of writing, art, and gardening, as well as the deep insight …

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Dr Ann Ingraham talks about empowering women in tech

Empowering Women in Tech: Walking in Authority

Minister Dr. Ann Ingraham, a health information technology strategist and CEO of Exponential Health Tech Advisors LLC focuses on empowering women to assert their authority in technology, fostering responsible technology with considerations for ethics, inclusivity, and data protection. Dr. Ann shares her personal journey from Jamaica to the U.S., her diverse career path, and her …

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Jacquel Tucker talks about Ignite your Purpose and Unleash your Potential.

Ignite Your Purpose. Unleash Your Potential

Jacquel Tucker, a business brand sales and marketing strategist, and the founder of a nonprofit organization called the Jamaica Project USA shares her inspiring journey, from growing up in Jamaica to earning a scholarship to the University of Maine, venturing into the hospitality industry, and eventually founding her own consulting and training company. She emphasizes …

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