046: Dawn Nicole – Tips from the Business Expert


Dawn_Nicole_Lead_Image_Secret_Sauce_StrategistSecret Sauce Strategist & Chief GrowGetter, Dawn Nicoleis a National Key-Note Speaker and practicing Business Growth Expert,with a hybrid background of Corporate Leadership garnished by Creative Arts Success, spanning over 19 years! She is the creator of the business tool “What’s your secret sauce? ™”.

Three questions she gets  frequently asked are

1.) Why did you leave your job to become a Business Owner?

I left my career as an IT Regulatory Compliance Program Manager for a major fortune 100 firm because I felt that I had more to offer the world and I couldn’t reach the world from my cubicle.

2.) What was your biggest challenge with becoming a Business Owner?

The biggest challenge for me was deciding what to offer? I had done so much that I had trouble deciding how to align my talents with the market place. The demand for my skills were there but speaking the language was key. There is a corporate language and an entrepreneurial language, that’s different.

3.) How do I Grow my Business?

I tell people to get out of the D-Zone. This means minimizing your distractions which come in the form of people, places or things. The goal of business is to get to your A-List Clients with intentions of a buy, invest and refer relationship. I define A-List Clients as those who are most likeliest to NEED your products or services. Knowing what you want, helps you to know who you need. That’s not something most people can figure out alone, which is why a coach is needed.


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