045 : Sonja Stetzler – How to Become an Expert Speaker

Sonja Stetzler

Sonja StetzlerSpeaking and Communications coach, Sonja Stetzler , answers the top 3 frequently asked questions she gets asked. Sonja is the CEO and founder of Effective Coaching.

3 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rid of Speech Anxiety?

  • Prepare and rehearse your content
  • Use breathing exercises
  • Map out your questions

How do I Engage my audience?

  • Start with a question or something intriguing
  • Have a positive demeanor
  • Remember it’s always about the audience

How can I find more speaking opportunities ?

  • Provide an answer to a problem that the audience is experiencing
  • Provide a solution that the audience has not thought about
  • Bring value to your audience


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