Why you Need an Interesting Podcast

PodcastInternet audiences will not be awed by doing the “same old thing”. One of the best ways to catch your audience attention is by doing things a little differently. Don’t just read a script or press release, but express your voice and personality with a unique podcast.

Creating a podcast will help you stand out from the crowd to spread your brand-specific message. Try breaking up the same old routine with these great suggestions from Quora users:

  • Show your personality. Be yourself whether that self is loud and crazy or quiet and informed, there is no one quite like you.
  • Team up. If everyone else in the industry is doing solo podcasts, add some extra people and do a group show. (This is a great way to collaborate with peers and make connections too. Join other solopreneurs and entrepreneurs to share knowledge and experience.)
  • Ask for help. Solicit answers and advice from your audience.
  • Live or Recorded. Change your format to add audience participation or sound effects.

Podcasts are a great way to increase visibility, improve brand recognition, and establish yourself as an industry expert. An additional  benefits of podcasts includes using iTunes as promotion – for free as New & Trustworthy.

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