The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Financial Statements – David Worrell

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Financial Statements

Easy to read and full of engaging stories, this book teaches the basics of true financial management–re-made just for small businesses. It’s perfect for entrepreneurs who want to get more from their accounting without getting stuck in the details. Besides clearly explaining each of the three major financial statements, the author shows how (and why) small business owners create dashboards, forecasts, budgets and key ratio calculations. These powerful tools will help any business owner to create a more stable, more profitable business.

Whether one’s business has one employee or 100, the small business owner will gain a deeper understanding of why finance is so critical to survival and growth.

Written by an experienced CFO and entrepreneur, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Financial Statements uses illustrations, real-life stories, and crystal-clear writing to show business owners the importance of “the numbers” and the critical nature of finance to the survival, profitability, and growth of their small businesses.

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