Nigerian woman

Nwanneka Tesy

Nwanneka Tesy

Nwanneka Tesy, a Nigerian female podcaster and entrepreneur immigrated to the U.S with her parents at the age of 7. She is a passionate mentor who strives to bridge the gap between the lofty expectations of parents (especially African parents) and the needs of their children. Nwanneka strongly believes that no one should be criticized …

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_Tomide Awe - A Nigerian's Struggle To Triumph

A Nigerian’s Struggle To Triumph

Struggle to Triumph is how Tomide Awe, the senior revenue strategy and operations manager at Twitter, founder of Olori – an African fashion brand that celebrates African culture & heritage whilst empowering women and fellow podcaster describes her life’s journey . On today’s  episode, she shares  her  educational and professional journey from  living in Nigeria, …

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