Looking for an expert to help with your marketing? Look no further.

Digital Marketing: Caitlin Castevens is YOUR Digital Marketing Therapist.

Women@Work: Women at Work is a weekly conversation on how to help women join, stay, succeed and lead in the workplace. We explore tactics and strategies to help women and men at all stages of career; talk with extraordinary role models; and look through the gender lens to build a more inclusive, satisfying and diverse workplace.

Mentoring & Coaching

Life Passion Coaching: Live a More Fulfilled Life through Personal Development & Online Marketing.

Tech Talent South: Tech Talent South (TTS) is an Atlanta-based coding bootcamp dedicated to fostering talent in technology throughout the southeast United States.

TechRepublic: The state of women in technology – 15 data points you should know.


Here are some books that I have read and also some that have been highly recommended by guests. Happy reading.

Email Marketing

Here are some tools that  I have used successfully to send out weekly, monthly  and quarterly emails.

Email Productivity

Most of us have so much email and sometimes forget to return and answer emails. I found some of these tools helpful.

Boomerang: Schedule an email to be sent later. Easy email reminders.