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Renate Moore’s story is one of sheer determination, resilience, self-innovation, and hope despite been thrown many curveballs. Renate, a Guyanese immigrant to the U.S stands as a beacon of hope and a trailblazer in her world, having made “lemon bars” and “literacy” when life gave her lemons. She was born and raised in Guyana by parents who were very passionate about providing the best education for her and her brother. She is an author, a speaker and an entrepreneur who went from writing children’s books to creating a cafe  and then moved on to the health and wellness part with a cookbook. 

At the age of 21, Renate immigrated to the US, having obtained her degree in business science. While she had intended to become a veterinarian from a young age since she loved animals, or a medical doctor or lawyer, things weren’t as technologically progressive in the eighties as they are now. Once in the U.S, she moved to New York in search of employment related to her background in business. However, things didn’t turn out as she had expected since she had no American degree or qualification. Inspite of this,  Renate maximized the opportunities available to her and worked as a babysitter and housekeeper while raising money to take classes.

Being passionate about learning and expanding her horizon, Renate didn’t sign up for a traditional program in college but paid for different classes. For instance, she took a visual arts class in The School of Visual Arts and a legal class in the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Her background in these subjects have helped in both her personal and professional life, especially in the area of educating her children on how to survive and be successful in the real world. 

Renate has always been adventurous with trying out new opportunities and while working as a receptionist was encouraged by friends to become a realtor due to her great customer service skills. However, she soon realized that real estate wasn’t exactly the path for her. Though successful as a realtor in New Jersey,  she was unable to continue down this path when she relocated to North Carolina. This led her on the journey of becoming an author and entrepreneur. Her love for children and education led her to start writing children’s books focused on literacy. 

One book led to another, and she found herself exploring a new genre of writing after friends and acquaintances commended her exceptional culinary skills. The idea of writing a cookbook for healthy everyday meals was birthed from this.  The launch of her new cookbook, “Just Eat. Pure and Simple Cooking”, created another opportunity –  her own blend of spices, “lady ren chef’s blend. Her cookbook teaches anyone how to make healthy meals from scratch including festive meals for Christmas and Thanksgiving. 

To conclude, Renate considers herself a huge success. “I came to this country, and I worked my way from a sewing factory, to babysitting and housekeeping jobs, moved on to real estate and wall street and international education to building a revenue generated online business from scratch”. 

Her advice to immigrant women is “Do not compare yourself to other women and look for what may seem to be their successes. Work on your own… “ in other words they should maximize what they have in their hands in the present moment, believing that it is possible to achieve their dreams. 

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