How to Leave a Review on iTunes and Stitcher ( Non iTunes )

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If You’re Using an Apple Device or iTunes

Just follow these three steps.  ( If you are using Stitcher scroll down for alternative instructions )

Step One:

Click here and iTunes will open automatically (assuming you have it installed). Paula Oct 26







Step Two:

Once iTunes is open and you’re on Chatting with the Experts page, click the “Ratings and Reviews” tab.Paula Oct 26


Step Three:

Click the “Write a Review” button and write one or two sentences on what you loved about the podcast, your favorite episodes, and whatever you would tell a friend that was considering a listen. That’s it for iTunes





If You’re Using an Android Device or Stitcher

Step One:

Click here to go to Chatting with the Experts page on Stitcher.

Step Two:

Scroll down to where it says “ Show Ratings and Reviews”.Paula Oct 26 -2






Step Three:

Click the “Write a Review” button and write a paragraph or more about what you love about the podcast,and encourage others to listen as well.Paula Oct 26 -3


These three simple steps will help others know how easy it is to give reviews on a non- iTunes device.


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