039 : Women in Tech in Charlotte

Women in Tech in Charlotte Caitlin Sellers Betsy Hauser Idilbi Dr Sharon Jones

Women in Tech in CharlotteIn this round table discussion Caitlin Sellers of Caitlin Sellers Agency, Betsy Idilbi – Cofounder of Tech Talent South and Dr Sharon Jones of CPCC talk about the absence of women in tech jobs. We explore how education and professional development can help businesses involve women in the advancement of technology. Listen to the podcast  below or view the video here.

Topics We Discussed

  1. How  the technological era  has changed education as a whole.
  2.  Why the availability & accessibility of technology can help girls and women .
  3. Businesses and organizations incorporating women and tech education into their culture.
  4. Challenges women face in the industry.
  5. How to transition to a career in technology from another field.

Show Links

Caitlin Sellers Agency

Tech Talent South

Central Piedmont Community College

Code Academy


Team Tree House


Spark Summit

Lending Tree

Listen to the podcast below and / or view the vodcast ( the video of the podcast ).

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