037 : Brandy Milazzo – Corporate Business Lawyer

Brandy Milazzo corporate business lawyer

Brandy Milazzo corporate business lawyerBrandy Milazzo is a corporate business lawyer based in Charlotte , NC.

A partner at Milazzo Schaffer Webb Law, PLLC , she specializes  in General  Corporate Law, Technology agreements, General Contract negotiations, Mergers and Acquisitions, Supply Chain  and anything a small business owner needs assistance with.

We talked about  the common questions that small business owners ask such as

  • What if I created my own company by filing with the Secretary of State or using an online legal service but I feel like I need “more” now? Should I be embarrassed to come into a lawyer?
  • If I have never used a lawyer personally or for my business, when should I do it and what should I expect?
  • Should I negotiate contracts involving significant amounts with vendors/customers?
  • What if I have a legal question . Should ask my/a lawyer?
  • Other than “legal work” what  services can my attorney provide?

Listen to the podcast to hear her answers. You can also download her answers using the button below.

5 Tips for Small Business Owners by Brandy Milazzo

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